Our projects

Deep immersion in special knowledge in the field of inclusion, combined with a unique practice, will lead you to the best result.

You will learn how to effectively guide and step by step develop any child (with special educational needs and normotypic) in 8 weeks of intense and interesting work with us. We will train you to work with children’s team, in order to maximize their communication skills, creativity, engaging in the processes of development, games, learning. You will create a real inclusive community within your project.

Creativity is the most organic and natural way to unlock a person’s potential,  to join the culture. 

The idea of creating an inclusive Balamishka school is to make music accessible to everyone, to create a community of music lovers. Here, every day, adults and children are helped to reveal their talent in six unique directions: vocal, piano, acting, choreography, dombra, yoga.

Inclusive culture is a way of life. 

A healthy society is an inclusive and diverse society. At the Insight School, special attention is paid to how children contact each other in a variety of situations. Empathy is the basis of interaction in an inclusive school. We work with normotypic children of different ages, as well as with children who have special features in health and development. The perfect integration of an individual approach to teaching, modern methods of presenting material, and the interesting rich leisure organized by experts in the field of inclusion make Insight a school for EVERYONE!

Our mission is to help the child make the transition from children’s play to school activities as smooth as possible.

Lessons in nature, in the process of outdoor play, with game plots and role-playing tasks, in pairs and teams, with visual videos, models and experiments, up to 3-4 shifts of forms of activity per lesson. The development of educational interest, motivation and communication between children – that’s what we achieve practically! We have the main thing what is absolutely necessary for every child for harmonious development.

Teaching children not only skills, but also the development of abilities and natural inclinations is our priority

Specialists are working on children’s communication skills within the framework of the Early Development Center program: the ability to work together, helping each other, the ability to negotiate. Kids learn to accept social rules, develop cognitive functions in a playful way. They organically develop and learn to be friends in an inclusive friendly atmosphere, based on an empathic attitude …

Every child is unique. And its development should be natural, reproducing all the functions of the body and consciousness. This is possible only socially.

An individual educational trajectory is a holistic, well-thought-out program for the development of a child, his social route.  The program is developed based on the results of diagnostics and observations during group games and classes. Our specialists will help in planning an individual development route and will accompany you at all stages.

We provide training for specialists of early, pre-school, secondary and higher education, inclusive service and parents. It is very important to form an empathic relationship between the participants of the inclusive process, that is why we strive to form a public perception of inclusion as a social norm. You will find answers to all questions in the field of inclusion with us.

The world is moving towards a new paradigm in which infrastructure, products and services should be accessible to everyone without exception. Trainings for organizations are a unique corporate product that has no analogues in Kazakhstan! We will help your team to make the practice inclusive.

During the training, the team analyzes cases about overcoming barriers and learns how to interact with visitors with increased needs in real work situations without violating their rights. A new inclusive approach to doing business benefits everyone: the state, business, society.