Our team

Tulbayev Farhad Seitovich

Director of Insight School
“Being a director means working hard, working on yourself, finding approaches to students, parents, teachers, creating a community. I try to be a leader who is able to overcome stereotypes and
find unconventional ways to solve the problems facing our school community…”
Education: Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University

Professional experience:
since 2002, he has worked as a teacher of world history and history of Kazakhstan in a linguistic gymnasium and a teacher of secondary classes at Gymnasium No. 35. Since 2011, he has been a teacher of world history and history of Kazakhstan at the College of Tourism and Hospitality Industry, and then director of the educational program at the Turar Ryskulov New University of Economics. Until 2018 collaborated with the College of the International Academy of Business, as well as with the Hight tech Academy. From 2018 to 2022 – Development Director at Bilimkana Almaty.
Farhad Seitovich is a natural leader, who is the equal of the entire school staff.
He always finds a key and an approach to each student, erasing the formal boundary.
He is an ideological inspirer in creating creative forms of classes for successful perception academic material by students, with a focus on the learning process and the development of emotional intelligence.

Saltanat Murzalinova-Yakovleva

Director of the public Foundation “Center for Social Inclusive Programs”

«My first background is law and probably a strong belief in justice and led me into the field of social work. Being actively involved in supporting vulnerable communities in our country, I see that the main challenge of our time is complete alienation. We say such right words, we experience so many wonderful feelings. And all this does not prevent us from passing by someone who needs help. I could never pass by. That’s my problem. Many people tell me about it. But actually it’s more than a problem, it’s my way of life. Therefore, firstly I am a volunteer, secondly I founded the center for social inclusive programs and thirdly we opened the first inclusive school in Kazakhstan. »


2012 Zhurgenov Academy of Arts. A free listener of the workshop of A.A. Eshpai, A.V. Fenchenko (Higher directing courses)

2008 Turan University Almaty

Law Faculty, specialty “psychologist in business” (second higher)

2007 Resource Psychology Center Almaty

Practical psychologist

2005 Zhurgenov Academy of Arts Almaty

Higher directing courses, workshop of S. Narymbetov, K. Abenov

2004 Kazakh Humanitarian Law University of Almaty

Faculty of International Law, diploma with honors

Saltanat is the main driving force of our team. Her creative ideas and unconditional faith in human potential inspire the whole team and lead our projects along the path of sustainable development.

Albina Bakieva

Art Director of the Center for Social Inclusive Programs Foundation

“8 years ago, I fulfilled my childhood dream – I organized a creative studio in which everyone can find activities to their liking.I consider it my task to show children the inexhaustible possibilities of the language of colors, to help them transfer their inner space to paper. Watercolor, modeling, paper modeling, graphics, combined techniques and much more – there are no limits to our creative experiment!”

Higher education

Almaty State University named after Abai.

Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts

Specialty: painting

Qualification: art and drawing teacher

Professional experience:

March 2008.

PF “Contemporary Art Gallery “Duniya-art” as Executive Director

2009 -2011 worked as an advertising specialist at ATFBank JSC

2011 – 2013 worked as the chief advertising manager at JSC “NPF of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan”

March – April 2020 Participation in the project of the Akimat of Almaty to combat coronavirus infection.

Conducted a series of online master classes live for children with the support of the Akimat of Almaty (youtube channel Creative Almaty)

October – 2021 At the invitation of the Kun Bala Foundation, Albina held a master class in drawing for children with Down syndrome. Pictures painted by children were sold at a charity gala dinner. All the collected funds were transferred for the further development of the foundation and the correctional center.

Organized more than 1000 different creative workshops

Classes conducted by Albina were attended by more than 500,000 children and adults

Albina is an author of articles and photographs for magazines, as well as a participant in art exhibitions, photo contests and workshops.

Albina’s creative talent gives a powerful impetus to the development of all students of our projects. A magical atmosphere reigns at every lesson…

Lashyn Turegeldieva

Head of the direction “Inclusive preschool training”, speech therapist, neuropsychologist

“Every child is an independent person, he has the right to decide who he should be and what to do. Our classes develop intellectual abilities, giving reading and writing skills. We introduce school rules of the educational process that require perseverance and concentration of attention. Our team helps to simulate the situation of studying at school. Every parent wants to see the child as a creative person, to see his success in his chosen field. This is what the means of achieving the goal can and should be aimed at — early development and preschool education” – this quote characterizes the principles of Lashyn’s work

Education: diploma with specialization “Speech therapist-neuropsychologist”, as well as a course of professional retraining with the qualification “Tutor support of students with disabilities”.

Lashyn is the mother of a special child and working in the field of inclusion for her is not only a profession, but also a personal story.

Lashyn has extensive experience working with children with Down syndrome, Adhd and other forms of special educational needs. Implements the principle of integration of children with disabilities with inclusion in the socio-cultural space. Possession of psychological techniques with children allows her to analyze children’s behavior and work with them and their families.

Makeeva Elizaveta Aleksandrovna

methodical director of the CSIP Foundation, the INSIGHT school and the IMPULSE Center for Individual Development

“Even to grow a flower, you need to understand the laws of growth … the development of a child is much more multifaceted and complex …”, says Elizaveta.

Education: RGUTIS (MGUS), Moscow

Elizabeth has extensive experience in the field of human resource development and social support for families raising children with developmental disabilities – more than 20 years. Cooperation with the Almaty and Karaganda Associations of parents of children with autism is an important stage in Elizaveta’s practice. Developing a child’s social route, advising parents, training tutors, workshops for teachers – this is only a small part of what Elizabeth does with ease and great love. Research work and focus on awakening natural search, creativity in children is the main line of all projects conducted by our methodical director.