The author of the idea is Nailya Kaltaeva

One day, Nailya, a mother of normotypical children, that is, children without special educational needs, brought her daughters to a very interesting inclusive project. And from that moment, the friendship between ProBarista and the Center for Social Inclusive Programs began. And this year, Naila decided to go further and develop the principles of inclusiveness, that is, inclusion and empathy – on the territory of her coffeeshop. We found guys who were happy to join the program. And now, twice a week, under the guidance of a very stylish, cheerful and professional coach Nurzhigit, the guys learn the art of barista. We will share news. And, most importantly, at the end of the training, we will invite you to an exam for the guys. It will be a few days when you can come, drink delicious coffee or tea, you will be met by the students of this unique project, and you will become part of a special inclusive story. We will be in touch!!!