March 21 – International Day of the Person with21 марта – Международный день человека с Down syndrome

On March 21, the International Day of People with Down Syndrome is celebrated around the world.

The main goal of the Day is to raise awareness in society about this syndrome and the problems that people with Down syndrome face. Such children are often called “sunny”. Everyone knows that people with DM are really very emotionally involved and positive.

DM is one of the most frequent genetic syndromes that have long been known to mankind. Fortunately, today, with good assistance programs, a person with diabetes and his family can have an interesting and multifaceted life, with friends, work, close relationships and a variety of activities and hobbies. An inclusive approach is particularly important in this paradigm.

It is very important for children with Down syndrome and their families to have access to inclusive education, starting from kindergarten, early intervention programs, leisure and sports. Of course, high-quality medical support should also be as accessible as possible.

As you grow, programs should follow the age and individual tasks of a person with diabetes. DM is not a disease, it is a developmental feature that will affect a person’s entire life. But the task of modern society is to make sure that a person can reach his potential and be an important part of the world with a unique outlook on life.

Our foundation, together with the Insight school, does everything to make children with diabetes feel like children and teenagers like their peers. We studied, talked, played, learned and mastered life in all its diversity.

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