Inclusion blurs the boundaries between people

In Kazakhstan, more than 162 thousand children (these are only those who are officially diagnosed!) Every day are left out of social life, remain isolated and excluded from society … These guys are usually called children with disabilities, special children. We see in them, first of all, children, with enormous potential, with an incredible desire and an acute need for socialization. Exception is not an option! Today humanity is moving along a different path in all spheres of life. Inclusion is the modern paradigm of a developing society all over the world! Inclusion is fine. The latest scientific research proves that inclusion is more needed for normotypical children. It is the atmosphere of inclusion that is the key to the successful development of academic knowledge, as well as the development of emotional intelligence.

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The ADAMDART theater project

The ADAMDART theater project is a platform for inclusive and social art in Almaty, with the aim of integrating excluded groups of the population into the active life of the city, as well as to inform the population about the actual properties of inclusion through educational events.

Actors of professional and amateur theaters of Almaty, actors with ASD and other mental characteristics, with and without disabilities, adults and teenagers work together on the platform and create performances on equal rights.

Regular classes include communication, training exercises, work on the development of imagination and the creation of sketches, which then form the basis of a future performance.

There are also open lessons for relatives and guests of the platform.

In our practice, we strive to:

– Increase the visibility of different social groups and create open access to the language of the theater.

– To maintain an open discussion on issues of inclusion and social art.

– To create performances at a professional level that expand the understanding of the possibilities of theatrical art.

– Dialogue with fellow practitioners and theater theorists. The development of a new, non-stigmatizing language in the discussion of inclusive and any other art.

Right now:

– we are launching two laboratories of the “theater of citizens” (the laboratory of the home theater and the laboratory of emigrants).

– we are preparing the ADAMD’ART festival

You can contribute to the development of our project and become involved in the birth of an inclusive culture of the city!

Inclusive tourism in Kazakhstan

Absolutely innovative direction!

“To travel means to develop” – Pierre Bernardo.

Genuine inclusion implies the realization of the right to be included in the active social life of any person, regardless of gender, religion, nationality, physiological and mental state, diagnoses. This requires covering all social spheres of human life: education, professional self-realization, culture, sports, as well as leisure and travel.

Tourism provides an opportunity to get acquainted with historical and cultural values, nature, enrich yourself spiritually, and promotes personal development.

As a rule, the main problem of families raising special children is social isolation. And for many families tourist trips, excursions, business trips are impossible. The main reason is the lack of specialists able to organize such a trip, the lack of infrastructure, the lack of well–thought-out routes. But the main problem is the lack of a social environment conducive to an inclusive atmosphere.

According to official statistics, 70% of people with disabilities would like to travel both in Kazakhstan and abroad, 30% of them have sufficient income for this, and only 10% can travel themselves or with the help of relatives. But the problem is that travel agencies are not able to offer a product for this category of consumers.

Our project and our specialists are ready to change reality! We have special knowledge and experience. We are ready to launch a tourism project, the first in our country, aimed at the development of inclusive infrastructure. Our target audience is families raising special children. We know how to organize a trip not only from the technical side, but mainly from the point of view of the atmosphere conducive to the inclusion of a special child in full contact!

Usually, inclusion is perceived as a process necessary for a person with developmental disabilities to adapt to society. But we are sure that ordinary people need inclusion first of all. Each of us can be truly needed only in an inclusive society. Experiencing a constant urge to move forward and enjoy traveling is so natural. Travel is the area of our life that arouses in us a genuine interest in the unknown and new. The basic condition in the life of each of us is the support and development of this interest. Therefore, we want to make travel possible for absolutely everyone, regardless of the presence or absence of diagnoses. To go on a trip means to experience the delight of the places you have seen, to be fascinated by the beauty of nature, to feel the joy of fun games together, to make a discovery! All this is possible!

In the near future we are going on trips to the most beautiful corners of Kazakhstan: Charyn and Altyn-Emel!

Support our project, become our partner and feel the sincere delight of fresh discoveries!

Construction of a school in the Erkin village

Inclusive education is an integral part of an inclusive culture. Our practical experience at Insight School proves that inclusion needs to be created professionally! We strive to create a social space in which children are taught to see a person as a person! A space in which children develop not only cognitive functions, but also emotional intelligence. The main task that we face is to help those people who cannot overcome social barriers on their own. It is even more difficult to make such a overcoming in villages and small towns, , especially if we are talking about a child with health problems or mental, psychological peculiarities in development. School, as one of the most important social institutions, should be accessible to every child! That is why we are going to build a unique school in the village of Yerkin. To build not only the walls and roof of the school, but mainly to convey a social model of working with inclusive teams.

What are we going to build:

-A social platform consisting of a kindergarten, a school and a community center.

For whom:

-normotypic children of all ages

-children with different forms of disability and special features in health and development

-parents who dream of creating an inclusive environment for their children.

What’s ready now:

-land plot for construction

-school project

– the concept and methodological model of the inclusive school

– practitioners and teachers who are ready to teach colleagues and share their experience

– a strong parent community, which is the basis for the organization of an inclusive environment

– tutor training programs

You can contribute to the construction of the school and support the children living in the village. Each donation is extremely important for the project.

School is a place where many children will have a chance to get a quality education, learn to make friends and live in an inclusive and diverse environment. Moms and dads will be able to become part of the parent community and take part in social projects in which there is a role for everyone.

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what we do?



for whom?


Cerebral palsy without a limb (arm, leg), children with hearing and vision impairments who have a referral to a general education school


ASD, mental retardation, Down syndrome and others


Post-traumatic disorder, depression, etc. Including children from foster families, because in Kazakhstan there is an active policy to reduce the level of orphanhood


Equal access to education makes it possible to solve the issue of children’s development, their socialization, as well as the ability of parents to fulfill themselves

some statistics

By 2025, it is planned to increase the share of educational institutions prepared to receive persons with disabilities to high levels: preschool educational institutions – 70%, schools – 100%, colleges and universities – 100%.
In special preschool educational institutions, coverage is 13,360 children, in special organizations – 25,505 students, in preschools of a general type – 17,096, general education schools – 51,435 students, 12,864 students receive homeschooling and 117 children are not covered by preschool education.

Our projects

Deep immersion in special knowledge in the field of inclusion, combined with a unique practice, will lead you to the best result.

You will learn how to effectively guide and step by step develop any child (with special educational needs and normotypic) in 8 weeks of intense and interesting work with us. We will train you to work with children’s team, in order to maximize their communication skills, creativity, engaging in the processes of development, games, learning. You will create a real inclusive community within your project.

Creativity is the most organic and natural way to unlock a person’s potential,  to join the culture. The idea of creating an inclusive Balamishka school is to make music accessible to everyone, to create a community of music lovers. Here, every day, adults and children are helped to reveal their talent in six unique directions: vocal, piano, acting, choreography, dombra, yoga.

Inclusive culture is a way of life. A healthy society is an inclusive and diverse society. At the Insight School, special attention is paid to how children contact each other in a variety of situations. Empathy is the basis of interaction in an inclusive school. We work with normotypic children of different ages, as well as with children who have special features in health and development. The perfect integration of an individual approach to teaching, modern methods of presenting material, and the interesting rich leisure organized by experts in the field of inclusion make Insight a school for EVERYONE!

Our mission is to help the child make the transition from children’s play to school activities as smooth as possible.

Lessons in nature, in the process of outdoor play, with game plots and role-playing tasks, in pairs and teams, with visual videos, models and experiments, up to 3-4 shifts of forms of activity per lesson. The development of educational interest, motivation and communication between children – that’s what we achieve practically! We have the main thing what is absolutely necessary for every child for harmonious development…

Teaching children not only skills, but also the development of abilities and natural inclinations is our priority

Specialists are working on children’s communication skills within the framework of the Early Development Center program: the ability to work together, helping each other, the ability to negotiate. Kids learn to accept social rules, develop cognitive functions in a playful way. They organically develop and learn to be friends in an inclusive friendly atmosphere, based on an empathic attitude …

Every child is unique. And its development should be natural, reproducing all the functions of the body and consciousness. This is possible only socially.

An individual educational trajectory is a holistic, well-thought-out program for the development of a child, his social route.  The program is developed based on the results of diagnostics and observations during group games and classes. Our specialists will help in planning an individual development route and will accompany you at all stages.

We provide training for specialists of early, pre-school, secondary and higher education, inclusive service and parents. It is very important to form an empathic relationship between the participants of the inclusive process, that is why we strive to form a public perception of inclusion as a social norm. You will find answers to all questions in the field of inclusion with us.

The world is moving towards a new paradigm in which infrastructure, products and services should be accessible to everyone without exception. Trainings for organizations are a unique corporate product that has no analogues in Kazakhstan! We will help your team to make the practice inclusive.

During the training, the team analyzes cases about overcoming barriers and learns how to interact with visitors with increased needs in real work situations without violating their rights. A new inclusive approach to doing business benefits everyone: the state, business, society.

Our Team

Saltanat Murzalinova-Yakovleva

Director of the Public Foundation “Center for Social Inclusive Programs”

Albina Bakieva

Art Director of the Foundation

Turegeldieva Lashyn

Senior Manager of the direction of Inclusive preschool training

Elizaveta Makeeva

Senior manager of the Mother+child and early development groups “Impulse”

Farhad Tulbayev

Principal of the Insight School

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