Project individual educational trajectory

Each child is unique. And its development should be natural, reproducing all the functions of the body and consciousness. This is possible only socially. That is why it is crucial that parents think about the environment in which the child grows up. Inclusive, accessible, diverse environments are ideal for the development of all children.

Individual educational trajectory is a holistic, detailed program of child development, its social route, which is developed by our specialists psychological and pedagogical service on the basis of the results of diagnostics and observations in the process of group games and classes. All stages of natural development make the route. The route is the stages of social development of the consciousness, intelligence of the child, the process of formation of the personality. When responsible adults see, plan and create a social path, the child develops creativity, freedom of thought, ability to empathy.

Our specialists will help in the planning of individual development route and will accompany at all stages.

for whom?


The programme aims to develop the child in a harmonious social environment. The programme also involves working with parents to bring together professionals, teachers and families.

Diagnostics includes:

– Neurophysiological part
– Diagnostics of basic cognitive function|
– Defectologist analysis
– Speech therapist analysis
– Diagnostics of physiological condition
– Planning the child’s development route (fixing the initial level of development, what skills need to be formed, what actions to do this, the expected result)
– Development of an individual curriculum for the academic part of education (for each subject)
– Organization of the educational process (optimal time in class, organization of space, formation of contact between teacher and child)
– Monitoring plan
– Adjustment of the individual programme

For all questions about the program «Individual educational trajectory» you can contact the methodical director of the fund «CSIP», Makeyeva Elizaveta Alexandrovna


«My son is 11 years old, he has Down syndrome. He is home-schooled. We have always been worried about how he will develop. For 4 years of study we have not found the option of studying the school program. The program «Individual educational trajectory» has become a rescue for us! I did not even know that there are such specialists as Elizabeth Alexandrovna, who can comprehensively study the situation of the child, take into account its features and make a comprehensive development plan. We have been working for six months on the program developed for our son and I too study with Elizabeth Alexandrovna, we practice new knowledge at home with our son. He came up noticeably in knowledge and skills. It became better to count and understand the tasks. And he began to read and understand what he read...»
mother of the special boy Alisher