Trainings for organizations
on inclusive programs

Over 4 years of our practice more than 7,000 people have been trained in inclusive mode! This figure reflects the high demand and social demand for the curriculum.

The world is becoming more diverse. Brands no longer review their target audience as a strictly demographically limited circle of people and are expanding communications with a wide variety of groups. Society responds positively to such initiatives. According to a Google survey, 64% of respondents trust brands leading inclusive campaigns more.

years of practice

What is Inclusive Communications training?

This is a unique corporate training

No analogues in Kazakhstan

We have prepared trainings for you and your team for 1 and 2 days.

The team discusses cases about overcoming barriers and learns interaction with visitors with increased needs on real working situations, without violating their rights.

Training methodology:

– Interactive approach, 100% involvement of each participant;

– Case analysis, answers to questions, consolidation of results;

– 90% of practical tools already ready for implementation.

What will you get as a result?

– Improving the level of service, customer orientation and rating of your company;

– Increase in profit due to a well-built service;

– Permanent  loyal customers;

– Positive image.

And most importantly, you will get the opportunity to become the most important part of society, open to everyone.


«I work as the head of the HR department in a supermarket chain in Almaty. Over the past 5 years, we have been developing a new work strategy and faced a new wave in business – the transformation of the company's infrastructure towards inclusion. Different buyers come to us. These are mothers with children with disabilities, adults in wheelchairs and people with mental disabilities. Once there was a case that a person with a visual impairment approached the cashier and our cashier was confused and did not know how to contact this man. We seriously thought about the fact that the team should be trained in these details. We found trainings at the center for social inclusive programs and decided to pay for them for 30 leading cashiers of the network, 10 security guards and 10 managers. Our whole team is delighted with the training. The main discovery was that inclusion is needed everywhere. Now our employees feel more confident and free to work.»
Marzhan Bilyalova