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    How is the training going?

    You will get access to the lessons on the educational platform and will be able to study them at a convenient time and complete tasks online. There will be online workshops with experts with additional information, error analysis.

    At the end of the module you will have tasks to check the key points on the material you have passed.

    At the rates with practice you will be able to complete an internship at our inclusive center. You will receive a document on the completion of training after successful completion of the final certification.

    Do you help with employment?

    Upon successful completion of the training, we assist with employment, including in our center and you enter the database of certified experts on work with special children. If you have any questions after graduation, you can ask them in the chat or at the zoom meetings that we hold for graduates

    I have experience working with special children, will this program be useful to me?

    Yes, the program is suitable for practitioners. You will gain new knowledge and experience that will allow you to create individual development trajectories, systematically and competently manage large inclusive teams, as well as correctly interpret and evaluate the results of work and projects

    I’m a beginner. Will this program suit me?

    Yes. You will spend a little more time to adapt to the terminology, but you have the advantage — there is no background that will prevent you from perceiving and assimilating new information

    Can the employer pay for my education?

    Yes, organizations send their employees to us for training. We will help you make a presentation and a commercial offer for your supervisor. If you want to study at the expense of the employer, choose the “Corporate” tariff

    How long will the program materials be available?

    8 weeks of training + 6 months after graduation

    Who checks homework assignments?

    Program experts and practicing tutors.

    Will I be able to ask the teachers a question?

    Yes! You will have the opportunity to ask questions about the module materials at seminars or write them together with the completed task on the training platform. There will also be a telegram support chat to communicate with each other and teachers

    There is no money for training. What to do?

    You can purchase tuition in installments or a loan to plan your budget and pay in small monthly installments. Please, leave a request through any form, the manager will call back and tell you the details

    How much time does it take to study?

    Everyone has their own rate of assimilation of the material. On average, it takes 10 hours a week

    What kind of qualification document will I receive?

    With successful certification, you will receive ***** (we agree), which you can add to your resume and show when applying for a job

    Can I pay for the program in installments?

    Yes, we have this option. Please, leave a request through any form, the manager will call back and tell you the details