OSCHOOL Art School for children and adults

The idea of creating a school is to make music accessible to everyone, to create a community of music lovers.

  • We are convinced that creativity has no boundaries!
  • That is why our school fully shares the values of inclusivity.

for whom?

for children

for adults

The development of an inclusive culture should be considered as an integral dynamically developing process. This is more than neurodiversity in collectives; it is more than performing certain adaptations in the classroom, and it is even more than changing the tools of pedagogy. When in the process of communication, a person is perceived as a person, and not as his features, true inclusion begins. And this is important for everyone: both for children and adults. Creativity is the most organic and natural way to unlock a person’s potential, to join the cultural heritage of mankind.

We reveal talents in such areas as:



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" I can't imagine my life without music since childhood!"

The founder of the school “OSCHOOL” – Dastan Altynbekuly.

Now my task is:

Now my task is:

  • to raise a generation that, like me and my parents, will create and give art
  • instill a musical taste, a sense of beauty
  • teach to listen and perform the right music, make it an integral part of life.

While still in the womb, I heard notes, songs. Parents traveled all over the country and gave people a holiday with their songs. From the age of three months, I began to go on tour with them, and that’s how it all started.
It seemed that there was no other world!
Just the stage.
Applause! Yes, especially they charged with frenzied energy.

But only in adulthood you realize how important it is to give art to people. At these moments they forget about everything and completely dissolve in the atmosphere of art …

From that moment I realized that my world, my universe is to give people a holiday!

Certainly, I started studying at the best school — the school for gifted children named after Kulyash Bayseitova.

I have been professionally engaged in music since I was 5 years old. In 14 years I became a professional pianist

Thanks to my school!

After finishing it, I realized that playing and giving people joy of the perfect sound of seven notes is not enough for me.

I realized that my mission is much bigger: I want to bring Music to the masses, create a kind of movement of like-minded people.

That’s how I became a music producer.

I believe that the future generation will make the world a better place. My life is not in vain if at least one child becomes a little happier from these 7 notes/


«My daughter speaks poorly (and stammers), often moody and has anxiety. She has autism. We, as parents, are always looking for the option of its socialization. We learned about Oschool at the Center for Social Inclusive Programs. We decided to try, because music often has a beneficial effect on the condition of special children. We have recorded Arina on vocals. And were amazed by the atmosphere that reigns in the class. Arisha was not afraid, she did not close... and after two weeks she began to sing. It is very important to us that during singing the stammer disappears! Now we visit yoga together. It is such a happiness to study together with my daughter, without worrying about the views and misunderstanding of others, because the experts of our school of arts create a very friendly situation in the classroom. Thank you!»
the mother of Arina’s special girl